Supplier News: EnergyBillKill- Why Covid-19 shouldn’t stop you renewing your energy contract

Content supplied by EnergyBillKill: 

If COVID-19 has impacted your business then your energy contract probably isn’t high on your agenda right now. You’ll probably be focused on running your business and ensuring it can continue to operate and serve customers.

Your energy contract may not seem important now, but if your contract is up for renewal anytime soon, there has been no better time to switch.

Here’s why:

1. Energy prices are lower than they have been in ages

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Supplier News: LocoSoco Introduce Sustainable Products and Services into Communities

Content supplied by LocoSoco:

LocoSoco Group Plc introduce sustainable products and services into communities in a way that shares revenue and equity with community partners.

During this pandemic, LocoSoco supported over 300 communities in making hand sanitisers and cleaning products affordable and accessible with their refill model, delivering over 40 tonnes of Hand Sanitiser nationally. 

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Supplier News: SECOM Covid-19 Response Solutions Webinars

Content supplied by SECOM:

We are running a series of 30 minute webinars to demonstrate the benefits of our Covid-19 response solutions, helping to protect customers and staff.

SECOM Capacity Control: Occupancy and social distancing management

Prominent local visual alerts and warnings suggesting when occupancy limits are breached or when it is safe to enter.

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Supplier News: Coca-Cola European Partners: Capri-Sun Range Moves to Nothing Artificial

Content supplied by Coca-Cola European Partners: 

Coca-Cola European Partners has announced that its entire Capri-Sun portfolio is now free from artificial ingredients, following the reformulation of its Capri-Sun No Added Sugar range.

Capri-Sun No Added Sugar will now include Stevia, a plant-based sweetener in combination with natural fruit sugars. The new recipe maintains the same great taste that consumers love, with no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives and is soft drinks tax exempt.

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Supplier News: Edenred Joins ACS

Content supplied by Edenred:

Edenred helps organisations engage and motivate their employees and drive business performance through intelligent incentives to activate sales channels and drive customer acquisition. We do this through a range of engagement and incentive platforms and prepaid cards

We work with 25,000 companies, big and small across the public and private sectors, with over 3 million users of our technology platforms and prepaid cards.

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Supplier News: Cennox UVC Keypad Cleaner

Content supplied by Cennox: 

Designed to neutralise the COVID-19 virus by using UVC light after every transaction

Our dynamic patented solution is designed to neutralise the virus present on POS keypads using UVC lighting beneath a flip lid. This ingenious solution attacks surface-clinging viruses from POS terminals after each transaction.

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