Get Ready For Ban on Card Payments Surcharging

ACS is advising members to prepare for new rules that will stop them from charging customers to use credit or debit cards in store. Current EU rules prohibit businesses from charging customers more than the costs of offering card payments, but will now go further by banning surcharging completely, so retailers have to offer the same price regardless of the means of payment.

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Review of the Year (part two)

One of the fun if slightly surreal parts of my job is responding to members and others asking me to forecast what’s going to happen next in politics.  Such forecasts are always a bit of guesswork, and the best anyone can really do is analyse the factors at play and come up with some sort of rationale for what might happen next.  I also have a rule that if you want to know what’s likely to happen in an election, listen to the person least connected with the Westminster village where rumours and granular message crafting and media spin cloud the fundamentals of how people in the country at la

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Review of the Year (part one)

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the past twelve months, and we usually see plenty of superlatives from experts and commentators hailing the most significant change, the biggest, most profound impacts on the future.  2017, though, might just have earned the hyperbole where the convenience store sector is concerned. 

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Pulsin becomes latest supplier member of ACS

Nutritional snack brand Pulsin is celebrating becoming the latest supplier member of the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS).  

British-based snack and protein powder company Pulsin,, has become the latest supplier member of the Association of Convenience Stores. The brand recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a major rebrand. 

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Local Shops Welcome Government Commitment on High Speed Broadband

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has welcomed an announcement from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, which will ensure that everyone in the UK will be able to request high speed broadband by 2020.

In the 2017 Rural Shop Report, ACS highlighted the problems that retailers – especially the 19,000 convenience stores in rural areas - face when trying to invest in their business with substandard broadband speeds and called for the Government to deliver the Universal Service Obligation at a minimum spend of 10mbps.

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ACS Welcomes Proposals to Introduce a Licence Obligation on Backbilling

ACS has welcomed Ofgem’s proposals to introduce a new 12-month backbilling limit for microbusinesses in response to their consultation on protecting non-domestic consumers who receive backbills.

The consultation follows ACS’ calls earlier this year for the regulator to take a more active role in protecting microbusinesses from lengthy backbills.

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ACS Calls on Treasury Select Committee to Scrutinise LINK Proposals on Interchange Fees

ACS has written to Nicky Morgan MP, chair of the Treasury Select Committee, calling for the Committee and the Payment Systems Regulator to carefully scrutinise LINK’s plans to reduce interchange fees for ATMs.

In the letter, ACS expresses scepticism at LINK’s claims that they intend to ‘retain an extensive network of free ATMs for consumers’, as a cut in the interchange fee would inevitably lead to a decline in the number of cash machines available for consumers.

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Advice for Convenience Stores on Selling Fireworks

Christmas and New Years Eve often provide great opportunities for convenience store retailers to maximise their sales through seasonal products. However, there are a few things retailers should bear in mind during the autumn season. As a helping hand, ACS has produced Assured Advice Guides on ‘Preventing Underage Sales’ and ‘Selling Fireworks’. These guides provide extensive information about the laws and guidelines regarding the sale of some of the products which will be in high demand over the next few weeks.

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