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ACS prides itself on being an authoritative voice on the retail sector to Government. To further this aim, we have invested in a number of significant research projects to find out more about the retailers who make up the growing convenience sector.

The Local Shop Report is the annual report for the sector, bringing together data from respected industry sources with brand new information about the entrepreneurs that run convenience stores.

The Community Barometer tracks the opinions of retailers, consumers and councillors on the services nearby, the policies that should be a priority in their area and the performance of their local councils.  

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The 2023 Local Shop Report has revealed the significant investments that convenience retailers are making to provide a wider range of services to their customers and to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Key figures from this year’s report include:

  • The convenience sector generated over £47.1billion in sales over the last year, with that figure set to grow to over £50.9billion by 2026
  • 70% of stores in the convenience sector are run by independent retailers, either as part of a symbol group (31%) or unaffiliated (39%)
  • 79% of independent retailers engaged in some form of the community activity over the past year
  • A quarter of customers come from half a mile or less and over half of customers (57%) walk to store
  • 36% of customers know the people running and working in their local shop very well or quite well
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