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ACS is run by its members for its members. The committees are made up of ACS members and staff members who are allocated to provide advice and support. We have a number of Committees who meet on a regular basis and set the overall direction of the Association, and decide on policy matters.

There are currently four committees who control the direction of ACS, these include:

  • Events Committee: The Events Committee meet to discuss plans for all ACS events. The Committee offers support, advice and guidance on our events, especially our annual Summit and plans the schedule of events for the forthcoming year.
  • Policy Committee: The Policy Committee manages ACS’ political work. They debate the key issues and agree action to tackle them. Membership of the committee reflects the make up of ACS’ membership. ACS also has specific groups in the following areas:
    • Crime
    • Employment
    • Energy and Environment
    • Post office
    • Property
    • Responsible Retailing
  • Audit Committee: The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring risk and ACS legal and governance procedures. The Audit Committee can be contacted by members, staff or any member of the public if they are aware of issues regarding the governance and probity of ACS.
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