ACS Warns of Impact of Above Inflation Minimum Wage Increase

ACS has warned that the above inflation 3% increase in the adult National Minimum Wage to £6.70 will have a negative impact on staffing and investment levels in the convenience sector.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “We are disappointed with the increase in the National Minimum Wage above inflation, above average earnings growth, and above public sector pay award levels. Our research has clearly shown that retailers have little choice but to reduce staff hours and delay further business investment when the minimum wage is increased.

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National Minimum Wage Increase Comes into Force Today

The National Minimum Wage will rise from £6.31 to £6.50 today (October 1st) for employees over the age of 21 (an increase of 3%).

In addition to the change in the adult rate, there are also changes to the youth and development rates of the minimum wage. From today, the 18-20 year old rate will rise from £5.03 to £5.13, the 16-17 rate from £3.72 to £3.79 and the apprentice rate from £2.68 to £2.73.

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Low Pay Commission Urged to Consider Harm to Small Shops from Minimum Wage Rises

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has submitted evidence to the Low Pay Commission, calling on the commission to carefully assess the impact of the rate rise on small retailers.

In its submission, ACS notes that according to a survey of retailers, increases in the minimum wage correlate with a negative effect on business competitiveness. 56% of retailers stated that NMW rises have made their business less competitive.

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