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Have Your Say on the Disposable Vapes Ban

Governments in Westminster, Scotland and Wales have announced proposals to ban the sale of disposable vapes in April 2025. 

They are doing this in an attempt to address the issues in the category around recycling and underage access, despite significant amounts of work between associations like ACS and Government officials in the last two years to promote responsible retailing and the return of vapes through in-store recycling facilities. 

UK wide consumer polling conducted by Yonder on behalf of ACS suggests that the behaviour of current disposable vape users after the introduction of a ban will be mixed.

For almost one in four users of disposables who intend to keep using them after a ban comes into force, the illicit trade will be the only place where they will be able to get products. 

The illicit market already accounts for around a third of disposable vapes used in the UK. After a ban, there is likely to be a significant increase for the rogue sellers that will have no qualms about selling illegal, dangerous product to both adults and children. 

We do not believe that a ban on disposable vapes represents an effective policy intervention. 

The Government is not providing the opportunity for proper scrutiny of this ban in Parliament, instead opting to introduce powers through secondary legislation. 

It is essential that your voice is heard about the impact that these proposals will have on your business, and the concerns that you have about the rogue sellers that will be operating in your area. 

Enter your postcode in the tool below to generate a template email to your MP, where you'll be able to add details about your business. 

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Use our postcode tool to email your MP and share your concerns about the ban on disposable vapes coming in April 2025

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