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DRS Scotland

The Deposit Return Scheme in Scotland will introduce a 20p deposit on PET Plastic, glass and metal single use containers between 50ml and 3ltrs. Consumers can get the deposit back when they return the containers to retailers, either via a dedicated Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) or through a manual returns process.

The guide includes details on the following areas of the scheme:

  • How the scheme works and how deposits move through the supply chain
  • How to make the decision about what kind of return point (if any) to provide for customers in store
  • What retailers need to consider when processing returns manually
  • What retailers need to consider when installing and maintaining a reverse vending machine (RVM)
  • How to collect and store containers away from the customer-facing areas of the store
  • How to apply for a proximity exemption from the scheme
  • How to apply for an environmental health exemption from the scheme

The Scottish scheme has been delayed, and will not come into force before October 2025. Frequently Asked Questions about the scheme are available here



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