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The Local Shop Report

The 2019 Local Shop Report has revealed that the 46,388 stores in the UK convenience sector currently employ around 405,000 people, generating sales of over £40.3bn over the last year. The report, launched this week by the Association of Convenience Stores, demonstrates how important the UK’s network of convenience stores are to thousands of communities and millions of customers.  

Key findings from this year’s report include:

  • The convenience sector contributed over £8.8bn in GVA over the last year, as well as over £7.7bn in direct and indirect taxes like excise duties, VAT, business rates and corporation tax
  • Convenience store retailers have invested £633m in the last year on improving their stores, extending the range of services available to customers and making their businesses more efficient
  • Post Offices and convenience stores are the top two services that have a positive impact on a local area
  • 19% of independent convenience store owners work more than 70 hours a week
  • 26% of convenience store customers visit their local shop every day

Download the 2019 Local Shop Report