Tobacco Display Ban: Frequently Asked Questions

The Tobacco Display Ban came into effect for all small stores on 6th April 2015 meaning that it is now illegal to display tobacco products to customers, unless a display is requested by someone over the age of 18.

Since the implementation of the ban, ACS has worked closely with retailers to ensure all convenience stores comply with and fully understand the new regulations. As part of their work to help retailers know what they can and can’t do under the new law, ACS has produced a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers.

Areas covered in the Tobacco Display Ban FAQs include queries about the font that can be used on labels and price lists, the allowed signage for gantries and in-store displays, and when tobacco can be physically shown to a customer.

The answers to the FAQs have been ‘Assured’ by Surrey County Council and form part of ACS’ Assured Advice scheme. By signing up to ACS’ Assured Advice scheme, which is free of charge for ACS members, retailers’ practices cannot be challenged by local enforcement agencies as long as they are following the guidance set out through Assured Advice.

ACS’ FAQs on the Tobacco Display Ban can be viewed here:

More information on ACS’ Assured Advice scheme and how to sign-up your store/s, can be found here: