Supplier News: Ubamarket -Future-Proofing Your Stores Post Covid19

Content supplied by Ubamarket:

These are unprecedented and completely unexpected times.  However, the grocery industry has collectively excelled in the face of adversity and has bravely supported the nation in a front-line capacity, alongside the NHS and other essential services, coping with extreme levels of consumer demand.  At Ubamarket, we’ve had a surge in demand from retailers in recent days, based on their customers’ need for social distancing and their increasing focus on hygiene. This is essentially because apps mean no trolley or basket handles, no standing in a queue, no placing products on a conveyor belt or being handled by cashiers – not to mention touching SCO screens, which has become a perceived hazard in itself! In fact, this has become so topical that we’ve been doing TV and radio interviews about ‘infection free retail’ all week!

One thing’s for sure though - after all this, people’s sense of social distancing and in-store hygiene will be an ongoing concern.

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