Supplier News: ShelfNow Joins ACS as Supplier Member

Content supplied by ShelfNow: 

Are you a retailer that is looking for an affordable, more diverse and seamless way to source products directly from producers without the use of an expensive middleman?

ShelfNow is an e-ecommerce platform run by a team dedicated to sourcing quality producers and matching them to independent retailers, using technology to get the best matches possible based on type of products, budget, location, storage type, lifestyle (vegan, kosher, zero waste) and more.

ShelfNow is working with thousands of products and hundreds of the UK’s best buyers enabling them to trade at 30-40% cheaper than if they went to a traditional wholesalers. On top of that we have a customer care team making sure products arrive on time and a tech team constantly evolving the functionality of the platform based on your feedback.

As a retailer, all of your paperwork is automated, such as payment and logistics, saving you hours out of your day, and you are able to communicate directly with producers on the platform for a tailored negotiation and a continued relationship.

We are constantly running campaigns to get new products off the ground, such as our Consignment scheme, where producers agree to send over products to retailers who only pay for what they sell. As well as our 100% Discount scheme, where brands have agreed to give up a number of cases to retailers in order to trial in stores at no cost.

If you’d like to know more about the team, our mission and how we can support your business then please contact us or visit for more information.

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