Supplier News: Scan & Go Leader MishiPay Joins ACS

Content supplied by MishiPay:

Europe’s leading mobile self-checkout solution, MishiPay, today announced that it has joined ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores).

With MishiPay, customers simply scan and pay for items using their own smartphone, eliminating the need to visit and queue at a conventional checkout. This eliminates queues at the checkout, reduces the reliance on checkout staff and improves levels of customer satisfaction by creating a frictionless, engaging experience for brick and mortar shoppers. What’s more, following the COVID-19 pandemic, MishiPay’s technology minimises the need for contact with both humans and checkout devices, helping to keep both staff and shoppers safe, and maximises store efficiency by increasing transaction capacity and freeing store staff from the checkouts to help with other store operations.

Following successful deployments with some of the largest retailers in Europe including the likes of Decathlon and Relay, MishiPay have identified the convenience sector as an ideal sector for their technology. MishiPay’s Founder & CEO, Mustafa Khanwala, said: “We are very excited about the impact our technology will have for convenience stores across the country. Our technology helps stores increase sales, whilst simultaneously delighting shoppers with a frictionless journey. The COVID-19 pandemic is also changing shopping habits and MishiPay is here to help shops keep staff and shoppers safer. As a well-respected not-for-profit body, ACS are perfectly placed to help us grow our retailer network and we are excited to work with them.”

A Practical, Scalable Solution

MishiPay’s innovative mobile self-checkout system can be integrated quickly and cost-effectively into the existing systems of retailers, creating a market-leading customer experience that also frees staff from the checkouts to help customers elsewhere on the shop floor and assist with store operations. They are able to integrate with retailers’ loyalty programs and in-store promotions and can facilitate bespoke, personalised communication with shoppers based on their past purchases. MishiPay is cloud-based and requires no additional hardware investment by retailers, and as a result they can go live in as little as two days.

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