Plaid Cymru Announce Manifesto Pledges Ahead of 2015 Election

The Welsh party, Plaid Cymru, have released their full manifesto ahead of the 2015 General Election on 7th May, calling for increases to the minimum wage and reduction in business rates.

In their manifesto, Plaid Cymru want to increase to the minimum wage and implement sanctions against companies not keeping to it to create a living wage. They would also seek to raise the National Insurance threshold to sit in line with the income tax threshold.

The Welsh party would increase business rates relief in Wales and reduce the current cost of business rates. The party claim that this would provide help for 83,000 small to medium businesses, while 70,000 businesses would not be required to pay business rates at all.

In their manifesto, Plaid Cymru have also pledged more help for victims of crime. They hope to protect the 78% of c-stores who experienced shop theft and 55% of retailers who were subjected to verbal and physical abuse last year, by using restorative justice as a criminal punishment, rather than short term prison sentences.

Other policies the party have promised include: creating a fuel duty regulator to prevent unpredictable rises in fuel charges; introduction of a sugar tax on sugary drinks; and a 50p minimum price per unit on alcohol sales.

The full Plaid Cymru manifesto can be viewed here:


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