Labour Publishes ‘Programme for Action’ on Public Health

The Labour Party have this morning published a series of policy announcements on the issue of public health which would be implemented if they are to form the next Government.

The Paper covers a number of areas including physical activity, food, tobacco and community resilience. Some of the key announcements include:

  • Prohibiting or discouraging the sale of cider in three-litre bottles
  • Creating a higher duty band specifically for high-strength ciders
  • Making public health a licensing objective, and ensuring that public health is engrained throughout the licensing system
  • The immediate introduction of standardised packaging of tobacco products post-election

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: “The publication of this paper continues the existing debate on possible public health interventions. Regardless of the makeup of the next Government, we will be arguing for public health strategies to be focused on tackling the widespread illicit trade which damages both communities and responsible retailers.”

More information about the Public Health paper can be found on the Labour Party website here:

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