Freedom Music: UK convenience sector wasting more than £10m a year in music fees

Freedom Music: UK convenience sector wasting more than £10m a year in music fees

The following information has been provided by ACS Club supplier Freedom Music.

Data gathered by in-store music experts, FreedomMusic, reveals that UK convenience stores are spending over £10 million a year, in PRS and PPL tariffs playing licensed music to their staff and customers in their stores. 

Raj Aggarwal, a member of the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) and the owner of three SPAR convenience stores in the UK, recently switched to license free music in his stores, Raj said. “Being able to play music in our stores has always been important, however, we couldn’t justify the huge spend in PRS and PPL fees that’s associated with chart and licensed music. Switching to FreedomMusic has allowed me to play music to staff and customers at a fraction of the cost without compromising on the quality,”

We know from research that shoppers prefer to shop where there is music because it improves the ambiance and makes for a much better shopping experience, but the high costs of licenses have deterred many store owners from investing in music “ says Nick Findlay Founder of FreedomMusic,.

He adds “FreedomMusic was established to help retailers overcome this problem by curating playlists that are every bit as good as music played on the radio, (just less familiar), however, FreedomMusic  is not subject to PRS & PPL fees because we pay the artists direct and so the retailer gets a much better deal

FreedomMusic also write and record messages that can be downloaded between the tracks to help tell customers about promotions  and offers Learn more about how FreedomMusic is working with the Association of Convenience Stores by visiting or contacting Daryl Mitchell Directly on 01256 897 617 or email

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