Case Study: Fri-Jado Hot Deli Counter Delivers 250% Increase in Food to go Sales at Costcutter Store

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Uxbridge based provider of foodservice and food retailing solutions, Fri-Jado UK Limited, has installed food displays at a Costcutter store in Truro. The serve assisted counters were specified by equipment concept specialist, Aryzta Food Solutions, who designed a 20 sq m delicatessen and food to go department as part of a refurbishment of the convenience outlet.

To meet the specific requirements for the display of food to go, Fri-Jado UK supplied a 5 ft heated counter and a 5 ft chilled counter, both from the company’s Deli Merchandiser range. The modules feature a square glass design, maximising the visibility of food for increased impulse purchases. The heated cabinet benefits from upper radiant heat and a humidification system, which help maintain fresh and moist food over extended periods. The fact that the food retains its quality and appearance for longer means that less product is price reduced or thrown away. The chilled counter incorporates a low velocity airflow which significantly reduces food dehydration, for optimum food quality, freshness and appearance.

The Costcutter store is situated in an area of the city with a high student population and the store’s menu offer reflects its clientele. During early mornings, the heated counter is used for the display of traditional cooked breakfast items, including bacon, sausages, mushrooms, eggs, hash browns, baked beans and tomatoes. For lunchtime service, the menu is changed to chicken portions, chicken goujons, pizza, panini, sausage rolls, pies and pasties. Food displayed in the chilled counter includes traditional delicatessen items, freshly made pizza, pre-prepared vegetables, salads, sandwich ingredients and a variety of sandwiches.

The store’s franchisee, Nimalesan, who operates four Costcutter stores in the South West of England and a further outlet in London, reports that he has been delighted with the refurbishment of the delicatessen.

“Since installing the new counters at Truro we have seen an increase of over 250% in sales of hot food to go. As a result, we are planning similar refurbishments, using the Fri-Jado serve overs, at our stores in Plymouth and Devonport.”

He added:

“Aryzta Food Solutions designed and specified a delicatessen and food to go department, which was tailored to our specific retailing requirements. The installation by Fri-Jado UK’s sister company, TEC Line Limited, was completed professionally, swiftly and with minimum interference to normal trading.”

Aryzta Food Solutions’ UK Hardware Manager, Nick Bignell, cited quality as one of the reasons for specifying the Fri-Jado counters:

“We have enjoyed a longstanding partnership with Fri-Jado UK. Previous experience of the inherent reliability of the company’s products means that we can specify Fri-Jado equipment with total peace of mind. We have a similar relationship with TEC Line; our confidence in the company’s performance record is demonstrated by the fact that we place service and maintenance business with Tec Line, not only for Fri-Jado proprietary products, but also for equipment supplied by other manufacturers.”

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