ACS Welcomes Cap on Interchange Fees

ACS has welcomed the introduction of a cap on the fees that banks charge retailers for accepting debit and credit cards.

Interchange fees are charged by a card holder’s bank to a retailer for both debit and credit card transactions. The new rules state that fees will be capped at 0.3 per cent for credit card transactions and 0.2 per cent on debit card transactions.

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ACS Reiterates Opposition to Tobacco Register in Wales

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has reiterated its opposition to proposals in the Public Health Bill to introduce a tobacco register for retailers ahead of a debate on the Bill in the National Assembly for Wales today (December 8th)

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Great British High Street Award Winners Announced

The Department for Communities and Local Government have announced the winners of the 2015 Great British High Street Awards, celebrating the contribution of diverse high streets to communities across the UK. The overall winner, Bishopthorpe Road in York, was selected for its work on an ambitious community app, as well as hosting a range of new events and food festivals.

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