ACS: Local Shops Play Key Role in Healthy Food Provision

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has welcomed findings of research conducted by the Food Research Collaboration (FRC) on engaging convenience retailers with healthy foods.

The Food Research Collaboration is an initiative of the Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London which looks to improve the UK food system.

Published today (30th October) the FRC Food Policy Evidence Review Engaging with convenience stores for healthier food provision: what works? reviewed three UK schemes designed to encourage independent retailers to stock fruit and vegetables.

Key findings from the review include:

  • Adapting the programme to each shop’s needs was critical for retaining engagement
  • Strengthening bonds between retailers and their communities boosted reputation and helped cement engagement
  • Retailers were more likely to engage if programme staff approached them via known and trusted channels (such as trade associations) and demonstrated understanding of the convenience retail sector

Based on this research, FRC has developed guidance for local authorities on how to engage with independent convenience stores and encourage them to increase their range of healthy foods in store.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Local shops play a key role in providing healthy foods to the communities that they serve and we are pleased that this was acknowledged in the evidence review.

“ACS and our sector more widely has engaged with a number of healthy eating initiatives such as Peas Please, Healthy Start and Change4Life and retailers are continuing to invest in their business to improve their service and product offer in store.”

Findings from the ACS 2019 Local Shop Report revealed that convenience retailers invested £633m in the stores over the last year, 36% of which was spent on refrigeration to provide more fresh food. 

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