ACS Gives Evidence to MPs on Firework Regulations

ACS has given evidence to a committee of MPs on the appropriateness of the current regulatory framework surrounding the sale, storage and use of fireworks, highlighting the work that retailers are doing to prevent underage sales.

The evidence session is part of the Petitions Committee’s inquiry into fireworks, following up on a petition that has been signed by nearly 300,000 people calling for a ban on the sale of fireworks to the public and for fireworks displays to be restricted to licenced venues.

During the session, ACS told MPs that retailers understand their responsibilities when it comes to selling and storing fireworks, often going to trading standards as their first point of contact for any issues or using ACS’ assured advice guides.

Speaking during the evidence session, ACS head of policy and public affairs Edward Woodall said: “The sale of fireworks is declining in convenience sector, but some will sell these products during the traditionally busy times around Bonfire Night and New Year. For those who do sell fireworks, convenience stores have a strong record on storing and selling fireworks responsibly.

“We believe that the vast majority of issues around fireworks can be avoided by clear communication and the sharing of information between retailers, trading standards and manufacturers.”

The rules and regulations around the sale, display and storage of fireworks are covered in ACS’ Assured Advice guide on the topic, which is backed by Bucks and Surrey Trading Standards. The guide is available to download here.

The full evidence session is available to view here.

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