ACS Calls for Extended Primary Authority Scheme in Scotland

ACS has called for the development of Primary Authority partnerships in Scotland and for the inclusion of trade associations so small businesses can be fit too in response to a Scottish Government consultation on the scope of the schemes.

In its response to the consultation, ACS has highlighted the success of existing Primary Authority partnerships administered by trade associations in England and Wales, including ACS’ own Primary Authority Assured Advice scheme, and called for the same provisions to be made in Scotland.

ACS chief executive, James Lowman said: “Our Assured Advice has been highly successful both in England and Wales, providing guidance for convenience retailers on important areas of regulation including the tobacco display ban and age restricted sales. We believe that Scotland should follow the model already in place in England and Wales, allowing Scottish retailers to be part of an effective Primary Authority scheme run by a trade association.”

As part of the consultation response, ACS has also expressed support for carrier bag charging and alcohol licensing to be included within the scope of Primary Authority.

Mr Lowman continued: “ACS supports the extension of Primary Authority in all areas of regulation where it can help to provide greater clarity for retailers and a more consistent approach to enforcement.”

ACS’ existing Assured Advice features guides on a range of issues, including fire safety, underage sales, health and safety and many others. For more information about Assured Advice, visit:

ACS’ full submission to the Scottish Government can be viewed here:


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