ACS Announces Shortlist for Upcoming Technology Showcase!

ACS has announced the shortlist for the 2022 Technology Showcase, taking place as a virtual event on 10th May.

The Technology Showcase provides a unique opportunity for retailers to find out about new technology solutions that have either been recently launched or will be launched in the future by suppliers.

The following companies were selected by ACS’ Independent Board and have been shortlisted to demonstrate their product or service at the event:

  • Localistico - online app which drives footfall to stores in the local area 
  • S4labour - provides labour management and productivity tools for a range of different industries, employees can clock in/ out on their mobile phones and organise shift swaps with each other 
  • GigGrafter - an on-demand shift allocation platform that enables employers and event planners to match shifts with available workers in real-time
  • MyCheckr - an all-in-one device that performs anonymous age estimation, to assist with the sale of age restricted goods 
  • RTMS - refrigerator sensors to allow records throughout the day and flags any issues 
  • Store Geni - app that allows customers to scan as you shop from their mobile devices

To book your place at the Showcase, click here.

The Technology Showcase will be followed by our Hosted One2Ones, a virtual networking event which provides the opportunity for retailers to connect with Premier Club and Club members, allowing the suppliers to introduce their services and create potential business opportunities. For more information and to register your interest, click here.

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