Payment and Services

Payment Systems Regulator: Five Year-Strategy

The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has published its inaugural Five-Year Strategy for consultation. The draft Strategy identifies strategic priorities to ensure access to relied upon payment methods such as cash and promote competition between other forms of digital payment to reduce processing costs for businesses and consumers

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HM Treasury: Payments Landscape Review

HM Treasury has launched an open consultation on the future of payments via its Payments Landscape Review. The Review is considering how the payments system is working for different users including retailers and consumers and what objectives the Government should use to guide future work on payments.

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Payment Systems Regulator: Call for views: The PSR’s research into cash access, use and acceptance

The PSR commissioned BritainThinks to ask consumers and small business from across the UK questions relating to their cash use and, for small business, acceptance. The PSR are calling for views on the paper, which focuses on users’ cash needs and seeks views on the cash needs and preferences of consumers and businesses in light of the research findings. Of particular interest to the PSR is how use of cash may evolve in future, and how best to ensure a network of cash outlets which meets people’s needs.

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Call for views: Review of the structure of LINK interchange fees

The Payment Systems Regulator has invited views on the issues raised in this paper from all interested parties, including relevant evidence. 

This paper is specifically focussed on the structure of interchange fees, rather than the level of those fees. We’re interested in hearing views and evidence on:

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