Environmental Policy

Defra – Draft Clean Air Strategy 2018

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has opened a consultation seeking views on a new Clean Air Strategy, and on actions to improve air quality by reducing pollution from a wide range of sources, including tackling wood burning, air pollution from scented cleaning products and encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles

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Environmental Audit Committee: 25-Year Environment Plan

The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee has launched an inquiry into the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan which was published last month. The Committee will scrutinise the Plan’s objectives and proposals. As part of the inquiry, the Committee has launched a call for written evidence.

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Defra: Drinks containers – reducing litter and increasing recycling

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has opened a consultation on ways to reduce litter and increase recycling / reuse of drinks containers, including deposit and reward and return schemes to inform the work of the Voluntary and Economic Incentives Working Group who are currently considering the feasibility of a deposit return scheme in England.

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London Assembly: Draft Environment Strategy

The Mayor of London's Office has opened a consultation on the draft London environment strategy. The strategy considers action in areas including: air quality, green infrastructure, climate change mitigation and energy, waste, adapting to climate change, and ambient noise.

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House of Commons Environment Audit Committee: Coffee Cups and Plastic Bottles

The House of Commons Environment Audit Committee have launched an inquiry into coffee cups and plastic bottle waste.  The inquiry will look at what actions are being undertaken by industry and Government to reduce waste generated by coffee cups and plastic bottles, and investigate possible solutions, including deposit return schemes.

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House of Commons EFRA Committee: Food Waste Inquiry

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee has launched an inquiry into the economic, social, and environmental impact of food waste in England.

The Committee will examine the impacts of food waste with a focus on consumers, the retail and hospitality sectors, and local government.

ACS' response can be found below.

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Packaging waste: Changing business targets for plastic and glass

Recent publications have highlighted a relative decline in the use of cash, as both consumers and businesses increasingly turn to alternative payment methods. This call for evidence seeks a better understanding of what implications the trend away from cash has for tax compliance, and in particular evasion and the hidden economy.

The government is inviting responses from individuals, businesses, tax and other representative bodies, charities, the financial services and financial technology sectors, retailers, and any other industries that regularly handle cash.

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