Welsh Government: Planning Policy

The Welsh Government have launched a consultation on the 10th Edition of their Planning Policy Wales. The new edition has been restructured to include policy themes around well-being goals as set out in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

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Mayor of London: Draft London Plan

The Mayor of London has launched a consultation on the new draft London Plan. The draft London Plan covers a wide range of areas including: planning, economy, and transport.

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DCLG: Improving the Use of Planning Conditions

The Department for Communities and Local Government have launched a consultation on measures included within the Neighbourhood Planning Bill to address the inappropriate use of pre-commencement planning conditions, and to prohibit the use of other types of planning conditions which do not meet the tests in the National Planning Policy Framework. ACS' submission can be found below.

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DCLG: Rural Planning Review

The Department for Communities and local Government has launched a consultation on reviewing and improving the planning system in rural areas.

ACS responded to the consultation, calling on the department to ensure that the planning system supports the growth and retention of rural convenience stores.

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Subordinate Legislation Relating to Certain Internal Operations (mezzanine floors)

The Welsh Government is proposing changes to the development management system, seeking views on our proposal to require a planning application for additional internal floor space over 200 sq. meters in retail developments.

In the submission, ACS supports the Welsh Government's proposals in their consultation to bring the development of mezzanine floors in retail premises under the control of the planning system. The proposals bring Wales into line with planning permission for mezzanine floors in England.

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