BEIS: Exclusivity Clauses

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy launched a consultation on a proposal to extend the ban on exclusivity clauses to contracts where the workers’ guaranteed weekly income is less than the Lower Earnings Limit, currently £120 a week.

The intention is to allow low-income workers who are not able to secure the number of hours they would like from their current employer to seek additional work elsewhere.

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DWP: Call for evidence and good practice on in-work progression

The Department for Work and Pensions  launched a call for evidence on in-work progression, which is exploring barriers to progression specifically within the retail, hospitality, construction and care sectors. The Government’s ambition is to improve overall national productivity through aiding more individuals taking on good work at higher pay, particularly from these sectors.

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BEIS: Good Work Plan: Proposals to support families

Parental leave and pay

This section sets out high level options for reforming existing entitlements which could help parents to balance the gender division of parental leave.

Neonatal leave and pay

This section looks at proposals for a new leave and pay entitlement for parents of babies that require neonatal care after birth.

Transparency of flexible working and family related leave and pay policies

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DWP: Health is everyone’s business: proposals to reduce ill health-related job loss

This consultation seeks views on different ways in which government and employers can take action to reduce ill health-related job loss. The consultation proposes to provide more low-paid workers with statutory sick pay looking at whether to reduce the threshold for statutory sick pay eligibility, flexibility of phased returns to work, and the possibility of offering small businesses a rebate who help employees return to work

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Home Office: Transparency in supply chains

This is a public consultation on proposed changes to the Modern Slavery Act 2015, following the independent review of the Modern Slavery Act. The government is gathering views on proposed measures intended to increase transparency and compliance, improve reporting quality and extend the scope of the legislation.

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