Economic Impact of Covid-19

In the first stage of its economic impact of the coronavirus inquiry, the Committee issued a call for evidence on the speed, effectiveness and reach of the Government’s and Bank of England’s immediate financial responses to coronavirus. The Committee highlighted gaps in support to the Treasury.

In the second stage, the Committee examined the impact on the economy and different sectors, the implications for public finances, and how the Government can work towards a sustained recovery.

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Employment and Covid-19

The Committee will examine the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labour market and consider what urgent measures should be taken to protect and create jobs. It will also examine how the labour market may change as a result of the pandemic in the longer term. The Committee intends to make recommendations to the Government. 

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HMT: Tax after Covid-19

This inquiry will examine the tax system following the reconstruction of the economy after the unprecedented economic fallout of the coronavirus crisis.

It will look at what the major long-term pressures on the UK tax system are, what more the UK can do to protect its tax base from globalisation and technological change, and whether such pressures should be met with tax reform.

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HCLG: Supporting Our High Streets after Covid-19

The inquiry will examine the long-term consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak on the future of the high street. It is interested in how government, at all levels, can mitigate the economic and social impact and develop policies to ensure high streets remain the centre of local communities. The Committee will look at the impact of existing measures to support the high street, including the business rate holiday, as well as the broader role of taxation in enabling high street businesses to remain viable.

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Commercial rents and COVID-19: call for evidence

This call for evidence will support the government’s decision making on the best way to withdraw or replace these measures while preserving tenant businesses and the millions of jobs that they support.

If there is evidence that productive discussions between landlords and tenants are not taking place, and that this represents a substantial and ongoing threat to jobs and livelihoods, the government will not hesitate to intervene further.

The measures which are the subject of this call for evidence are:

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MHCLG: Commercial Rents and COVID-19 Call for Evidence

The Government’s objective is to gather more evidence to understand how landlords and tenants are responding to the build-up of rent arrears that has occurred as a result of businesses being unable to trade normally during the pandemic. This will inform a better understanding of the risk to economic recovery posed by remaining rent debts, and to understand how landlords and tenants are adjusting existing lease terms to reflect the period of recovery that many tenant businesses will need once the trading restrictions are lifted.

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The Welsh economy and Covid-19

The Welsh Affairs Committee has launched an inquiry into the economic consequences for Wales of Covid-19, and the support that will be required to support the Welsh economy both during the pandemic and the rebuilding period that will follow.

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EFRA: COVID-19 and food supply

The Committee today is enquiring into food supply during the Coronavirus pandemic, including access to healthy food during periods of self-isolation, and how disruptions in the food supply chain should be managed. The Committee will initially identify current problems and strategies for mitigating potential risks.

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BEIS: The impact of coronavirus on businesses and workers

The House of Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee has launched an inquiry into the impact of Covid-19 on businesses and workers. The inquiry will review how Covid-19 has changed the operating environment for closed and open stores as well as Government interventions related to Covid-19 intended to support retailers, before making associated recommendations to Government.

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