The Welsh economy and Covid-19

The Welsh Affairs Committee has launched an inquiry into the economic consequences for Wales of Covid-19, and the support that will be required to support the Welsh economy both during the pandemic and the rebuilding period that will follow.

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EFRA: COVID-19 and food supply

The Committee today is enquiring into food supply during the Coronavirus pandemic, including access to healthy food during periods of self-isolation, and how disruptions in the food supply chain should be managed. The Committee will initially identify current problems and strategies for mitigating potential risks.

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BEIS: The impact of coronavirus on businesses and workers

The House of Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee has launched an inquiry into the impact of Covid-19 on businesses and workers. The inquiry will review how Covid-19 has changed the operating environment for closed and open stores as well as Government interventions related to Covid-19 intended to support retailers, before making associated recommendations to Government.

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