Payment and Services

LINK: Access to Cash Review

The Access to Cash Review, announced earlier this year by LINK, has launched a call for evidence. The review will be independently Chaired by the former Head of the Financial Ombudsman Service, Natalie Ceeney CBE and sponsored by LINK. The Review will be supported by a panel of consumer of industry experts who will consider and examine the future needs of consumers across the UK and provide recommendations on how the UK should best respond to the challenges, and opportunities of consumers’ evolving relationship with cash and payments over the next 15 years

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DCMS: Broadband Universal Service Obligations

The Department for  Digital, Culture, Media & Sport have launched a consultation on the specific design of a new broadband Universal Service Obligation, which will give household and business the right to request a broadband connection at a minimum speed of at least 10Mbps.

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British Banking Association: Access to Banking

The British Banking Association underwent an independent review of the Access to Banking Protocol. The Access to Banking Protocol was established last year and committed to a year-on review of its implementation. The Protocol details how banks should ensure sufficient access to banking in local communities following the closure of branches.

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Interchange fee regulation: a consultation

The Interchange fee regulation consultation invites views on the government’s proposed steps to comply with the ‘Interchange Fee Regulation’ (IFR) that the European Union agreed to bring in across all EU countries earlier this year.

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Late payment: challenging 'grossly unfair' terms and practices

The 2011 EU Late Payment Directive was passed, and this consultation seeks how best to implement the changes to the law on how to provide business representative bodies with additional powers to challenge grossly unfair contractual terms and practices.

The consultation and ACS' response can be viewed via the links below.

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Call for Evidence Relating to Lotteries

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport have caledl for evidence exploring the current balance across society lotteries, The National Lottery and competing gambling products in raising funds for good causes and maintaining player protection.

The original consultation and ACS' submission can be viewed below.

In their submission, ACS highlights the role that lottery products play in convenience stores.

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