Technical Changes To Automatic Enrolment: December 2014

The Department for Work and Pensions have consulted on technical changes to the automatic enrolment process to simplify the process for automatic enrolment into workplace pensions and reduce burdens on employers. The measures will simplify the requirements on employers regarding the provision of information about automatic enrolment to their employees.

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Automatic Enrolment Earnings Thresholds review and revision 2015 / 2016

The Department for Work and Pensions’ consultation is part of an annual review on the qualifying earnings and age criteria of workers who are automatically enrolled in to their work place pension. The Government is consulting on four different options for the 2015/2016 earnings trigger. These are: freezing the trigger at its current level of £10,000; raising the trigger by indexation (CPI or earnings); increase the trigger to £10,500 in line with threshold for paying income tax; or, use the Pension Commission benchmark replacement rate to determine the trigger.

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Work and Pensions: auto-enrolment

The Commons Select Committee has decided to begin a new inquiry into progress with automatic enrolment in workplace pensions. The inquiry will look at the implications of the changes to pension taxation arrangements announced in Budget 2014, including the ending of the requirement to annuities; the introduction of Defined Ambition and collective pension schemes; and the trend towards extended working lives.

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