ACS Welcomes Plans to Give More Businesses Access to Energy Ombudsman

ACS has responded to a consultation launched by energy regulator Ofgem, welcoming proposals to expand the number of businesses that have access to the Energy Ombudsman.

In the consultation, Ofgem outlines its plans to expand the support that the Energy Ombudsman provides to include a wider range of businesses. Under current rules, the Ombudsman can only help businesses that meet Ofgem’s microbusiness definition, but the proposals would expand that to businesses with up to 50 employees.

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ACS Reiterates Calls to Ofgem on Microbusiness Review

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has welcomed a Citizens Advice report and renewed calls for Ofgem to protect microbusinesses.

The report from Citizens Advice found that microbusinesses have few protections when buying energy services and experience issues with debt and contract issues caused by minority of third party intermediaries (TPIs).

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