Local Shops Face Over 50,000 Incidents of Violence Last Year

2020 Crime Report Sets out Evidence for Action on Crime Against Convenience Sector

Britain’s local shops have been the victim of over 50,000 incidents of violence over the last year, according to new figures from the Association of Convenience Stores’ 2020 Crime Report.

The Crime Report, being launched this week, provides evidence of the scale and impact of theft, violence, abuse and other crimes committed against convenience store retailers and their staff, setting out a clear vision for how the Government and the justice system can take action.

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ACS Calls on Government to Tackle Violence Against Shopworkers

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has reiterated calls to the Government to take urgent action to tackle violence toward and abuse shopworkers, highlighting the human impact that these incidents have.

In a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday (14th January) the Prime Minister called for Whitehall Departments to focus on tackling crime, stating that “every department should consider itself a criminal justice department” as part of the focus to tackle the “complex causes of crime”.

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Penalties for Shop Theft Decline by 95% Over the Last Decade

The Ministry of Justice has published data on the number of penalty notices issued for shop theft under £100, showing a significant decline over the last ten years.

The statistical bulletin covering the year ending June 2019 found a 95% decline since 2009 from 49,445 penalty notices issued for shop theft offences under £100 to 2,278.  Penalty notices or out of court disposals, are the most commonly used approach when dealing with shop theft offenders.

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Retail Organisations Call for Urgent Action on Violence and Abuse Toward Shopworkers from Home Office

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has written to the Minister of State for the Home Office Kit Malthouse MP, calling for an urgent response to the call for evidence on violence and abuse toward shopworkers ahead of a parliamentary debate on prevention of retail crime.

In the letter, ACS revealed that there has been an estimated 200,000 assaults and threats of people working in retail and wholesale sector since the Home Office’s call for evidence closed.

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ACS Urge Retailers to Report Theft as ONS Reveals 3% Fall in Recorded Incidents

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has responded to new figures from the Office for National Statistics’ annual Crime Survey for England and Wales, reiterating calls on retailers to report incidents of shop theft when they occur.

According to the ONS survey, which covers the whole of retail, the number of police recorded shop theft incidents for the year ending December 2018 decreased by 3% to 374,895 offences.

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ACS: Government Must Protect Shop Workers from Abuse

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) is calling on the government to introduce new protections for shop workers.

ACS is supporting David Hanson MP’s amendment to the Offensive Weapons Bill that would introduce additional protections for shopworkers who are abused or suffer violent attacks when refusing sales of corrosive substances. The new measures should reflect the protections  assaults against NHS workers ‘aggravated’ and therefore receive more scrutiny and punishment from the justice system.

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