ACS Welcomes Tobacco Proxy Purchasing Amendment to ASB Bill

ACS has welcomed the tabling of an amendment to make proxy purchasing of tobacco products on behalf of a minor against the law.

An amendment to the Government's Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill, on the proxy purchase of tobacco products is due to be debated today.

Under current legislation, it is not an offence for a person to buy tobacco products on behalf of a minor.

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said "ACS strongly supports this amendment that puts right a longstanding unfairness in underage sales law. It cannot be right that a retailer who makes an honest mistake, or has a bad day, faces prosecution and a criminal record, but an adult that sets out to buy tobacco to sell to a child faces no sanction.

"This amendment will send a clear signal that preventing underage sales is a challenge for the whole community and we commend the Labour Health team for promoting it."

The details of the amendment are as follows:

Proxy purchase of tobacco products amendment 85(Rev) tabled by: Baroness Smith Of Basildon; Lord Rosser; The Lord Bishop Of Carlisle, and Baroness Finlay Of Llandaff.

After Clause 97, insert the following new Clause:
"Proxy purchasing of tobacco products on behalf of children
(1) A person commits an offence if he buys or attempts to buy a tobacco product or cigarette papers on behalf of a person under the age of 18.
(2) A person guilty of an offence under subsection (1) is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale."

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