ACS Reminds Retailers About Changes to Tobacco Track and Trace System

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) is reminding retailers about the upcoming changes to the tobacco track and trace system.

From Monday 13th June 2022, retailers may receive an email from Dentsu about the changes from the previous tobacco track system to De La Rue (DLR) over to the Dentsu system.

Retailers will also receive a second email between 20th June and 1st July 2022 and it is important that retailers do not delete this email, as this registers businesses on the live system.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “It is important that retailers are looking out for emails from Dentsu and that they familiarise themselves with the upcoming changes to the tobacco track and trace system to ensure that they can continue to sell tobacco products in their store.

“We have worked to provide retailers with guidance and support on the track and trace system since it was introduced in 2019 and will continue to help retailers during the transition to the new system.”

Retailers who have deleted the email and need to retrieve their information can do so by contacting

More information about the system change, including a video briefing, is available on ACS’ Member Portal here. If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, please contact

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