The Local Shop Report


The 2015 edition of the Local Shop Report is our most comprehensive look at the convenience store sector, providing new insights with a deep and wide ranging look at the people who run, work and shop in the UK’s local convenience stores.

This year’s report features a brand new ‘Communities’ section representing the local value of convenience stores. The section looks at what retailers are doing in their communities, along with how convenience stores fare compared to other services on the high street.

The Local Shop Report 2015 shows:

  •  The convenience store sector is continually expanding – there are 51,524 local shops in mainland UK – serving thousands of people on a daily basis.
  • Local shops provide flexible employment for thousands of people – in 2015, the convenience sector employs over 407,000 people, with 69% working less than 31 hours per week.
  •  Sales are ever increasing – the total value of sales in convenience stores was £37.7bn up until April 2015, with a 5% overall growth in annual turnover compared to last year.
  • Convenience stores are an active part of their local community – 83% of independent retailers have engaged in some form of community activity over the last year.
  • Convenience stores are an entrepreneurial platform – Three quarters of local shops are run by small business owners, where over 7 in 10 retailers are the first in their family to own or run a convenience store.
  • Customers love shopping at their local store – 83% of the public visit their local convenience store at least once a week, with 25% of customers visiting at least once a day.

CORRECTION: Please note, some members will have received an early version of the report which includes an error on page 21. The fastest growing category is not canned and packaged grocery as stated. 

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