The Local Shop Report

The 2016 edition of the Local Shop Report is our most comprehensive look at the convenience store sector, providing new insights with a deep and wide ranging look at the people who run, work and shop in the UK’s local convenience stores.

The report has revealed the essential role that convenience stores play in the modern retail landscape, with stores more relevant than ever before in consumer’s lives.

The report demonstrates the value that local shops provide their communities, both in terms of investment and making a positive difference to their local area. Key findings from the report include:

  • There are 50,095 convenience stores in mainland UK, making up a sector that is worth £37.5 billion, a growth of over £400m on 2015.
  • Local shops are a vital source of employment – across the UK, the convenience store sector provides jobs for 390,000 people, but the number of staff employed in each store has fallen, and more staff are working part-time hours.
  • Convenience stores have invested over £600m in their businesses over the last year on improving their stores.

Download the 2016 report