House of Lords Licensing Committee: Licensing Act 2003

House of Lords Licensing Committee: Licensing Act 2003

The House of Lords Liaison Committee published a report earlier this year which looked into new investigative committee activity. In their report, they recommended the appointment of an ad hoc post-legislative scrutiny Committee to consider whether the Licensing Act 2003 has met its objectives.

As part of their scrutiny work, the Committee have issued a call for evidence in order to inform their inquiry and consequently their final report which would include recommendations to Government for more effective practice of the Licensing Act 2003.

In its call for views, the Committee has asked for evidence on the following areas:

  • Introducing heath as a licensing objective
  • Integrating licensing policy and planning policy to address proliferation of licensed Premises
  • Effective use of police powers.
  • Simplifying Licensing Procedure
  • Whether the Licensing Act effectively controls the off trade?
  • Super strength alcohol and Reducing the Strength schemes.
  • Minimum Unit Pricing

Consultation details:

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