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Selling Fireworks

The first step to selling fireworks is to have a thorough look at your store and identify what the realistic, potential storage areas for fireworks in the sales area and in other areas are. You will need a dedicated lockable cabinet in the sales area and a designated lockable storage room or other enclosed area elsewhere on site.

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You must use a risk assessment to help you think through what types of things you should be considering when storing fireworks. If you feel that you do not have enough space in your premises to safely store fireworks, or that your premises does not meet the requirements of the risk assessment, then you should not proceed with your application as it will be rejected.

In almost all cases you should be able to speak to your Trading Standards Service at your local Council, or your Fire Authority (if your store is in a metropolitan county such as Merseyside, Greater Manchester) and ask for a visit to your premises to assess its suitability to store fireworks. You should make these approaches some months prior to firework season to ensure that enough time is allocated to your enquiry. You should identify a reputable fireworks supplier – they will also be able to offer you advice on storage and supply you with display cabinets and other materials.

Please note: The introduction of the Pyrotechnics Articles (Safety) Regulations 2015 has implemented the following changes to the Assured Advice guide since it was initially published:

  • RECORD KEEPING: You must keep a record of who you have bought fireworks from for the last ten years. You must also keep a record of any other businesses you have sold fireworks to for the last ten years.
  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT FIREWORKS: Fireworks must be accompanied by the following documents:
    • the name, registered trade name or registered trade mark of the manufacturer.
    • a single postal address at which the manufacturer can be contacted.
    • (Regulation 17 3 (b)) in a document accompanying the pyrotechnic article.
  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT FIREWORKS: You must check that the fireworks are accompanied by instructions and safety information in a language which can be easily understood by consumers.
  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT FIREWORKS: If the fireworks are not considered to conform with ‘essential safety’ regulations, you are obliged to inform the manufacturer or the importer, and the market surveillance authority.
  • LABELLING: You must check that all fireworks you sell are labelled with:
    • the name, registered trade mark of the manufacturer  or registered trade name.
    • postal address of the manufacturer.
    • the name, type and category of the fireworks.
    • the registration number of the fireworks.
    • the product, batch or serial number of the firework.
    • instructions for use and safety information, including: age restriction and net explosive content of the firework.
  • STATUTORY NOTICE: The statutory firework notice you display in store needs to state: “It is illegal to sell category F2 fireworks or category F3 fireworks to anyone under the age of 18”; and “It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to possess category F2 fireworks or category F3 fireworks in a public place.” Any old notices must now be removed and replaced. 
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