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Disposable BBQs

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) is the representative body formed of the chief fire officers of the Fire and Rescue services in the United Kingdom. NFCC coordinates and supports national safety initiatives with Fire and Rescue services across the country to raise public awareness and provide guidance to reduce preventable deaths. NFCC have a wildfire safety campaign that provides individuals and businesses with downloadable educative content on wildfire awareness and preventative advice.

NFCC have a range of useful materials that retailers can share online to inform their customers on how to safely use products that they purchase to prevent the possibility of causing a wildfire. Retailers can click here to download comprehensive social media resources that provide wildfire safety advice across a range of products and activities, including disposable BBQs. Retailers can also click here to download social media assets that provide summer safety messages concerning products that they may sell to raise awareness on wildfire safety and prevention.

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