Scottish Parliament: Proposed Protection of Workers Bill

Daniel Johnson MSP has proposed a Bill which would increase the protection of workers in the retail sector, particularly those applying or enforcing an age-restriction in relation to the sale or supply of goods or services.

He has invited views on the Bill before it is considered for introduction into the Scottish Parliament.

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Mayor of London: Public Access Strategy

The Mayor of London’s office is consulting on accessing Met police services. The strategy looks to bring together new online ways of reporting crime, more Dedicated Ward Officers in every community (based closed to their wards and equipped to work and engage the public on the go and a notified times and places), and one 24/7 front counter in every borough.

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Home Affairs Committee: Policing for the future

The Home Affairs Committee have launched an inquiry into the future of policing which will explore the challenges of modern policing, and examine whether police forces in England and Wales are sufficiently equipped and resourced to keep the public safe and to respond effectively to evolving demands and changing patterns of crime.

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Labour Party: Crime and Policing

The Labour Party have launched a consultation, calling for views on how the police can be reformed to more effectively tackle crime and policing challenges in the future.

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Robbery Offences Guideline Consultation

The Sentencing Council has released a consultation seeking views on new guidelines for the sentencing of robbery offences, which includes commercial robbery (theft from businesses). The Sentencing Council are looking to update the Sentencing Guidelines Council’s (SGC) definitive guideline for robbery published in 2006. The proposals make it clear that those committing robberies where the offender uses or even threatens to use a knife or a firearm will attract the longest sentences, alongside those where a firearm has been used or threatened.

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