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Food Safety (Natasha's Law)

The most important things to know about selling food are:

  • The food you sell must be safe for customers to eat.
  • Allergenic ingredients must be listed for customers to see.
  • You need to have a ‘documented food safety management system’ in place to ensure that your business complies with procedures in place.
  • Your staff must be trained on how to comply with the law.
  • Your business MUST be registered with your local council environmental health office before it can sell food.

Download the Food Safety and Hygiene Guide

Main principles

The first step to managing food safety and hygiene is to consider the foods you are selling or wish to sell, and how they are being stored. Some of the most common issues are set out on pages 4-5 and this guide includes a template food management system for you to download and complete.
Generally speaking, the more involvement you have in the preparation of food (making sandwiches, heating pies) the more you will have to do.

This ACS Assured Advice Guide for Managing Food Safety and Hygiene contains an overview of what is expected of you as a business owner with regards to the sale of food, either wrapped, loose or heated under food safety and hygiene laws.

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