Independent Retailers From Across Europe Assemble in London to Discuss Common Challenges

Companies and Associations representing independent retailers from across the EU have come together in London today to discuss common challenges and opportunities in convenience retailing.

The Conference, which is the annual meeting of Independent Retail Europe, is being hosted by ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores).

The conference showcased how leading groups of independent retailers from across Europe are adapting their business to meet the growing consumer demand for convenient shopping in food and non-food sectors. The Conference also heard from speakers from the EU Commission and the UK Department of Business on meeting the regulatory challenges faced by the industry.

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: “We are proud to host this event. Our membership of Independent Retail Europe allows us to represent our members views to the EU institutions working with a respected and effective organisation. We also value the exchange of ideas and shared approach to regulatory challenges that we get from working with a European grouping. Today’s conference as the start of a new invigorated network to share and learn from our colleagues in other European markets.”

Independent Retail Europe Director General Else Groen said: “We are delighted to hold our first Independent Retail Europe Conference in London. Across Europe groups are providing a means for independent retailers to compete, innovate and create jobs. It is vital the that voice of these groups is heard in Brussels and we have never been in a stronger position to do this.”

The conference took place on the 22nd May at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, London Heathrow. Retail Speakers at the event included Spar UK, Groupement de Mousequetaires (Intermarche, France), ICA to Go (Sweden), ANWR Group and Sport 2000; as well as Dr Jonathan Reynolds (Oxford Institute of Retail Management), DG Internal Market and UK Department for Business.

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