Labour Pledges to Double Paid Paternity Leave to Four Weeks

Ed Miliband announced plans to give new fathers a month of paid leave, nearly double the current rate. The plans would also bring paternity pay into line with the minimum wage, from £138.18 to at least £260 a week.  The policy would be expected to cost £150 million a year, funded through proposed changes to childcare. Paid paternity leave was introduced in 2013 and parents may be entitled to shared paternity leave and pay in April 2015.

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ACS Adds Food Safety Guide to Assured Advice Scheme

ACS has published a brand new guide for Managing Food Safety and Hygiene to add to the successful Assured Advice scheme. The new guide provides an overview of what is expected of convenience store retailers to comply with food safety and hygiene laws.

The ACS Assured Advice Guide for Managing Food Safety and Hygiene contains comprehensive advice to protect retailers against a range of risks apparent in a typical convenience store. Included in the guide are procedures for temperature checks, chilled storage, hot foods, cross contamination, record keeping, waste, cleaning and more.

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Ministers Tell Councils Town Centre Developments Must Come First

In a letter to local councils, Ministers have told planning officers to use powers in the National Planning Policy Framework to deliver retail investment in town centres. Clarification of planning policy has only previously been delivered by Ministers on controversial planning issues like Greenbelt developments.

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ACS Launches ‘Election Centre’ in the Countdown to the General Election

As the UK counts down to the General Election on 7th May, ACS have launched a new section of its website, the Election Centre, to keep retailers informed of the announcements that matter to small businesses.

The Election Centre, located under the ‘Lobbying’ tab on’s menu bar, will showcase the store visits that retailers have organised across the UK, as well as providing information about how the major parties line up on key issues, political announcements and feedback from retailers on how they’re planning to vote.

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ACS Supports Proposed Age Restriction for E-Cigarettes

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has responded to a consultation by the Department of Health, supporting the proposed restriction of 18 years of age for the sale of nicotine inhaling products, such as electronic cigarettes.

The proposed regulations would make it an offence to sell nicotine inhaling products to anyone under the age of 18 and make ‘proxy purchasing’ – adults buying the product for an individual under age – of e-cigarettes illegal.

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Top Retailer Rajan Vaish invites Local MP Yvonne Fovargue to visit his Hindley Store

Rajan Vaish, has met local MP, Yvonne Fovargue, in his Nisa store in Wigan to discuss some of the key issues that have been affecting his business ahead of the general election in May.

Rajan’s Nisa store in Hindley is a fixture of local community life employing 10 people and providing retail and post office services to the local community.

Across Ms Fovargue’s Makerfield constituency there are 56 convenience stores employing over 420 people and ACS, the voice of local shops, is calling for four policies that would make a difference for local shops.

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ACS Calls on Sentencing Council to Consider Business Impact in Decisions

ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) has responded to the Sentencing Council’s consultation on robbery guidelines, calling for operation disruption in store to be included in the harm factors for sentencing.

The Sentencing Council are consulting on which factors should be considered when dealing out sentences for offenders, with a focus on understanding the impact on a business.

Statistics from the ACS Crime Report (2014) show that there were over 2,400 robberies in 2013 and over 7,000 incidents of violence resulting in injury.

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Simon Wright MP Pledges Support for Local Shops

Norwich South MP Simon Wright met with local retailer Nigel Dowdney at his Earlham Shopper store on 23rd January to discuss some of the key issues that have recently been affecting Nigel’s business.

Nigel invited Mr Wright to visit his store in Norwich to highlight the important role that local shops play in their communities. During their meeting, the pair discussed a variety of concerns Nigel currently has, including the 2014 changes to Statutory Sick Pay, local planning issues and the implementation of standardised tobacco packaging.

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