Lowman: Shop Theft Is Not Victimless

ACS Chief Executive, James Lowman, featured today on BBC Radio 2, the Jeremy Vine Show, talking about shop theft and a scheme in Durham proposing to let first time shop thieves off without any formal sanction.

Lowman said: “We support innovative approaches to tackling shop theft but we worry about the message that this sends. Shop theft is not a victimless crime, it has very serious implications for retailers, their staff and business.”

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Opus Energy Commit to Ending Rollover Contracts

ACS has welcomed an announcement from energy company Opus on plans to stop the use of rollover contracts.

In an announcement posted on the company’s website, Opus state that will cease offering the automatic rollover contracts to all new customers as of October 2014. All existing customer contracts will stop auto-renewal by Spring 2015.

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ACS Calls on Retailers to Respond to National Minimum Wage Survey

ACS is calling on retailers to respond to the National Minimum Wage survey 2015 to inform the convenience sector’s response to Low Pay Commission’s call for evidence on minimum wage rates in 2015. 

The LPC is an independent body that advises the government on future the National Minimum Wage consulting with the business community and unions.

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ACS Assured Advice Guides on Health & Safety & Selling Fireworks

‘Managing Health And Safety’ and ‘Selling Fireworks’ are the two latest Assured Advice Guides published by ACS under its innovative primary authority compliance scheme. The scheme, which is free to all ACS members, provides retailers with excellent tailored advice developed by retail and local authority experts.

Once members sign up to the scheme and use the guidance, they can be sure that their policies and procedures will not be challenged or changed by any other local authority.

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Citizens Advice Survey Highlights Continuing Issues in Energy Market

ACS has welcomed new evidence from Citizens Advice on small business energy contracts, and has renewed its call on Ofgem to ensure that all energy companies adhere to the same standards. 

The survey from Citizens Advice reports that 46% of small businesses are concerned about their electricity bills, compared with 16% who were worried about access to finance. 

ACS research conducted last year revealed that 88% of retailers believe that further regulation of suppliers is necessary for a fairer marketplace. 

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Reserve your place now for ACS Heart of the Community 2014

The seventh annual ACS Heart of the Community conference will be taking place on Tuesday 21st October from 12.00pm – 3.30pm.

The conference, held in Westminster, brings retailers from across the country together with MPs and Ministers to discuss important issues facing local shops. 

The event will be chaired by journalist, Daisy McAndrew.

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ACS Responds to Alcohol Health Lobby Manifesto

ACS has responded to the 2015 Manifesto published by the All Party Group on Alcohol Misuse.

The Group, which is a forum for MPs and Peers sympathetic to the policy objectives of alcohol health campaigners, has set out a ten point wish list of measures they would like to see imposed by the next Government. It includes minimum unit pricing, health warnings on alcohol labels and new powers for Councils to prevent the opening of new off licences.

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