Selling E-Cigarettes Responsibly: Guidance for Retailers

ACS has developed guidance to help retailers with the sale and supply of e-cigarettes and other vaping products.

The guide covers the regulations that govern the sale and supply of e-cigarettes, retailers’ responsibilities when selling these products, how to ensure that packaging and labelling are compliant with the regulations, and advice on how to ensure that underage sales do not take place.

Within the guide, ACS recommends that retailers utilise the Challenge25 policy when selling e-cigarettes and vaping products. As part of an update to Challenge25 materials launched in January, there are new posters, badges and other downloadable assets available here which refer specifically to e-cigarettes.

The guide is available to download here:

ACS Assured Advice guides are backed by Surrey and Buckinghamshire Trading Standards, providing a central reliable source of information and guidance for retailers that if followed, must be respected by enforcement officers throughout England and Wales.

Retailers can check the legitimacy of an e-cigarette product, by searching the brand name, product type and/or product name to see if it appears on the MHRA list here:

More information about Assured Advice is available here:

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