Welsh Assembly Pledges £20,000 for New Community Alcohol Partnerships

The Welsh Assembly has pledged £20,000 towards getting four new Welsh Community Alcohol Partnerships off the ground in 2016 in recognition of the hugely successful Brecon CAP, which achieved a 39.5% reduction in alcohol-related youth anti-social behaviour.

The four successful bids will work with CAP over a minimum 12 month period. Each CAP will decide their own priorities for local action in line with the project aims. The Welsh Government has said that it does not intend to be prescriptive about the size of areas that take part in the programme other than it should cover a priority area within a Local Authority and include a maximum of 30 off-licensed premises.

CAP will provide advice and support to areas in formulating action plans and reviewing progress and the Welsh Government will help support projects with grant funding of £5000 to the four successful applicants. This will be in addition to the resources and funding provided by CAP itself.

For further information about Community Alcohol Partnerships, visit http://www.communityalcoholpartnerships.co.uk/

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