Veg Power Fund for Advertising of Healthy Products Reaches Over £35,000

VegPower, a fund launched at the beginning of this month to encourage people to eat more vegetables has already reached over £35,000.

The marketing fund will use the top people in the advertising industry to create innovative digital campaigns targeted at children, with the aim of inspiring them to eat more vegetables. The crowdfund has been live for just over a week and has already reached £35,110. The aim is to raise a total of £100,000. More details about the crowdfund are available here:

Veg Power was created by Peas Please(, a collaboration between the Food Foundation (, Nourish Scotland (, Food Cardiff ( and the WWF ( to make it easier for people to choose vegetables.

The long-term mission is for the campaign to be sustainably funded by Government and the food industry. VegPower aims to prove that investing in the promotion of vegetables can change children’s attitudes to vegetables. 

ACS has been working with Peas Please to sponsor fresh produce awards at the HIM Awards and the Convenience Retail Awards, as well as the upcoming Retail Industry Awards in September.

Peas Please have put together a simple guide for retailers who are looking to increase the range of fruit and vegetables in store, which is available to download here:

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