Supplier News: New Range of Coca-Cola Price Marked Packs

Content supplied by CCEP:

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has reduced the recommended price points for its range of price-marked packs (PMPs) across its colas portfolio.

1.75l bottles of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – including the popular cherry and vanilla-flavoured variants – and Diet Coke are now available in a £1.75 PMP, and 1.5l bottles of Coca-Cola Original Taste and Coca-Cola Cherry are now available in a £1.95 PMP, enabling retailers to take advantage of the growing trend towards consumption within the home.

Sales of larger pack formats have increased in recent weeks, as shoppers want volume and good value for money, when buying drinks to enjoy at home instead of on-the-go.

Role of price mark packs in convenience

Alison Adderley, Field Sales Director at CCEP, said: “Since the country went into lockdown, consumer behaviour has been evolving. Whilst we all hope things go back to normal as soon and as safely as possible, we can be pretty certain of some long-term changes in the way people shop, which suppliers and retailers must adapt to.

“Coca-Cola original taste is the number one soft drink in GB, Coca-Cola Cherry is the biggest-selling Cherry Cola in GB and flavoured light colas continue to grow. By making these much-loved drinks available in an even more appealing PMP, we’re helping retailers respond to a number of key shopper demands.

“Shoppers are buying into snacking and treating categories more often, and growing numbers of consumers are looking to save money in the months ahead. PMPs offer visible value, reassuring shopper that they can get the products they want, at an affordable price. In fact, PMPs account for over 60% of total soft drink sales in independent and symbol convenience stores.!

While the ‘big shop’ made a comeback in early March, in line with government guidance that states consumers should limit their shopping trips, top up missions are now returning, with the importance of a handy location being the top store choice driver.

Be ready when lockdown measures are eased

As lockdown measures begin to ease in the coming weeks, footfall to local stores is set increase – which will bring increased demand for smaller formats, as people look for refreshment on-the-go.