Sunder Sandher Gets Road Safety Win With Local Campaign

Award winning Leamington Spa retailer Sunder Sandher has moved a step closer to introducing a stricter speed limit outside his store as a result of campaigning with his local MP.

The road outside Sunder’s One Stop store features two schools but is subjected to cars frequently exceeding the 30mph speed limit. In a store visit at the end of 2014, Sunder spoke to his local MP Chris White about the problem and called on Mr White to help him in asking the local council to consider a 20mph limit on the road.

Since the visit, Mr White has written to the council on Sunder’s behalf and the council have confirmed that the area will be considered for a 20mph speed limit in April 2015, subject to the schools involved meeting a required criteria.

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: “This is a great example of how retailers engaging with their MP can effect change in the local area, not just benefitting convenience stores but the entire community. Store visits are a simple way of getting in front of an MP to raise local concerns, and we hope that retailers across the country will call on their local MP to pay them a visit in the coming months before the General Election.”

Sunder starred in the ACS Summit ‘Road Trip’ video in 2014, discovering the best ideas in the convenience sector from around the UK. Sunder’s Road Trip video is available on the ACS YouTube channel here


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