New £10 Note to Enter Circulation This Week

There are just three days to go until the new polymer £10 note enters circulation. 

The note, which will be issued on 14 September 2017, features Jane Austen and is 132mm x 69mm. The current paper £10 note features Charles Darwin and is 142mm x 75mm.

The paper £10 will be withdrawn from circulation in Spring 2018. Notice will be given 3 months prior to the withdrawal date.

As with any change in banknote design, all businesses that handle cash need to plan and prepare for the introduction of the new notes.

Over 30 countries currently use polymer banknotes including Australia, Canada and Mexico.


  • Ensure you know which cash handling machines are being operated by your business. These machines include self-service check-outs, desktop counters, ATMs, ticket machines, and any other machine that weighs, counts, sorts, accepts, dispenses or recycles banknotes.
  • Contact the manufacturer or supplier of your machines to discuss what adaptations will be required for issuance of the new £10 note, and when they will be available. For most machines, a software update will be needed.
  • Aim to implement adaptations to your machines before any new note is issued.
  • Train your staff. A range of materials to support staff training on issue and withdrawal are available at

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