New Guide for Managing Fire Safety Published as part of ACS Assured Advice Scheme

ACS has published a comprehensive guide to Managing Fire Safety as the latest addition to the Assured Advice scheme. The new guide provides an overview of what is expect of convenience retailers to comply with fire safety laws.

The ACS Assured Advice Guide for Managing Fire Safety contains detailed assistance to safeguard retailers, their staff and customers against fire risks and hazards. The guide comprises information about performing risk assessments, escape routes, fire precautions, extinguishers, staff training and record keeping.

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: “The Managing Fire Safety Guide provides retailers with essential information about preventative and combative measures that can be employed in store. In-store fires have the potential to decimate a business, so ensuring that your procedures are correct is essential to minimising the potential damage to your store if a fire does occur. We now have nine ACS Assured Advice Guides in place to provide convenience retailers with extensive advice to safeguard their stores and procedures, and encourage retailers to sign up to ACS’ Assured Advice scheme to benefit from the legal assurance that our guides offer”.

Assured Advice has been developed for convenience store owners by ACS and Surrey County Council. By signing up to ACS’ Assured Advice scheme and following the guidance, your store procedures must be respected by ALL local enforcement officers including environmental health, police and trading standards – but you must sign up to the scheme to benefit from this privilege. Assured Advice is free for full members of ACS – to find out more about becoming a full member, please contact us on 01252 515001.

The new guide can be viewed and downloaded here: 


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