Minimum Unit Pricing Comes Into Force in Scotland

From today (1st May 2018), all licensed premises in Scotland, including convenience stores, must comply with the Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Act 2012. This means that retailers must not sell alcohol below 50p per unit. 

Retailers must identify which alcohol products they sell that are affected by the regulations and amend the price of the affected products. Not all alcohol products are affected by the introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing. To ensure that you’re fully compliant, you should calculate the Minimum Unit Price of alcohol products you sell. 

To calculate the Minimum Unit Price of products you sell,  use the formula below:

50p x strength of alcoholic drink (ABV) x volume of alcoholic drink (L) x 100

Retailers should not calculate the Minimum Unit Price by multiplying 50p with the number of the units labelled on the alcohol product as this may be below the Minimum Unit Price and breach the regulations. Where the calculated price is not a full penny, retailers should round this up to the nearest whole number.

When calculating the Minimum Unit Price for multi-packs of alcohol, retailers should calculate the price per unit then scale up, using the following formula: 50p x strength of alcoholic drink (ABV) x volume of alcoholic drink (L) x number of products in multipack x 100

Minimum Unit Pricing has been introduced as a mandatory condition of premises or occasional licence and will be enforced in the same way as any other mandatory condition of a licence. This means that your alcohol licence could be subject to a review or it being revoked if you do not comply.  Licensing Standards Officers and Licensing Boards are responsible for enforcing Minimum Unit Pricing. For more information, visit:

ACS has more detailed guidance and downloadable posters available at 


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