Liberal Democrats Announce Manifesto Pledges Ahead of 2015 Election

The Liberal Democrat Party have released their full manifesto ahead of the 2015 General Election on 7th May, calling for increased public health regulation and committing to reforming the business rates system.

The party’s manifesto focuses heavily on their plans to implement further regulation on public health matters. They would seek to introduce Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol; monitor the growing evidence base for e-cigarettes, ensuring restrictions on marketing and use are proportionate; introduce a tax levy on tobacco companies; and restrict the marketing of high sugar and fat foods to children, as well as maintaining the ‘Five a Day’ campaign.

The Lib Dems have committed to completing the ongoing review of business rates and will prioritise the reforms to lessen the burden on small business and to ensure high streets remain competitive. The party also remains committed to introducing Land Value Tax (LVT), which would replace business rates in the longer term and could enable the reduction or abolition of other taxes. As a result, the Liberal Democrats would extend the business rates review to ensure it considers the implementation of LVT, as well as interim reforms, such as Site Value Rating that could be completed within five years.

On the issue of crime, the Liberal Democrat party will give victims the right to choose restorative justice. They hope that by giving victims a right to choose restorative justice, it will prevent children and young people being drawn into the criminal justice system unnecessarily.

The full Liberal Democrat Party Manifesto can be found here:


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